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Welcome to BRAZIL

Welcome to BRAZIL

Hello I would like to introduce myself ; My name is Leo Madeira, was born in Brazil, an American Citizen living in Fort Mill South Carolina.
A Nature lover from the Amazon Rain Forest.

How a became a guide:

It all started when a Friend invite me to came to the Lower Amazon for a fishing trip.
I should mention his name : Odair Maranho , in which He served as a guide in this adventure, this trip was the first in 1988, and we are good Friends to this date.
I learned a lot with Odair, in whom I’m very grateful what I had been taught about Sports Fishing.
With many trips though the territory of the Amazon and after visiting many Fishing Lodges I considered two places to be the best..
I go with small groups or up to ten people, and help you to get the visa, translation, and guide service, to make sure you have a good and safe Adventures in a more Noble place of the Sports Fishing.

How far ?

We are closer than you think , flight from Miami to Manaus the Capital of the Amazon is only 5 hours.
I would like to invite Anglers from the USA and Canada , private or Fishing Clubs to participate in this unforgettable adventure.
Thank you very much for visiting my web site.
Any information,or any question no just for sports fishing , but the Tourism in the Amazon, you can contact me, for details.

Leo Madeira
Cell Number : 412 – 848 5879  

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