Go Fishing Brazil

If you enjoy fishing, nature and adventure, certainly
will be enchanted by the beauty of our region. Rivers surrounded by dense forest in nature, sheltering more than 30 species of fish , among them the most desired by lovers of sport fishing as Piraíba, Pirarara, Jau, Cachara, Peacock Bass, Barracuda, Cachorra, Matrinchã, Jatuarana, Corvina, Pirapitinga, arowana among others.

We , practice sports fishing, catch and release,but also we like to eat some species, which the Cook will prepare at the request of the Clients,
Some Clients like to Fly fishing, and this location on Amazon Roosevelt Lodge is ideal
Also we use artificial lures, for Peacock Bass,for Pyara,Bicuda,Thraira, and other few species.
For the catfish family we use some cut baits, since the majority of the Catfish does not feed on the bottom of the Rivers, the meat is clean and delicious, if you wish to have small ones for dinner,its Ok but our goal is to preserve all the rare species, and we do.