Go Fishing Brazil

Come and discover the natural beauties of the Amazon. For those who like adventure, sport fishing, fun and relaxation, do not miss the Pousada Amazon Rossevel and the city of Presidente Figueiredo, land of waterfalls. Go Fishing Brazil, under the command of Leo Madeira, will tell you the experience of a friend and partner, who knows everything about the region, boat trips, airplane tours and other tourist activities that only the Amazon can offer.

Rivers surrounded by dense forest in natura, sheltering more than 30 species of fish, among them the most desired by lovers of the sport fishing like: Piraíba, Pirarara, Jaú, Cachara, Tucunaré, Bicuda, Cachorra, Matrinchã, Jatuarana, Corvina, Pirapitinga, Aruanã among others. Check out!

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