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Adventures in the City of Presidente Figueiredo

After your fishing trip I would like to recommend you to visit  and extend your adventures in the City of Presidente Figueiredo.
Which is very natural and attractive place for Tourists .
Not to far from the city we have several water falls, trails, Blue Lagoon and the Balbina Reservoir, and the rapids, all this close to the Capital of Manaus, distance only 70 miles by Route 174.
This small city of approximately 35.000 residents, offers excellent Hotels and tour packages , we can arrange also for a van to pick you and your group at the  Hotel in Manaus and take you to the airport for your return trip back home.

The municipality of Presidente Figueiredo has more than 100 listed falls and is declared the “Land of Waterfalls”.

All this in the middle of the forest and among caves, caves and falls of all sizes. During the flood season, between February and June, you can go rafting, cross-country fishing, kayaking, zip-lining and rappelling.

Passeio Presidente Figueiredo

If you need any information, just call : Leo Madeira ( Tour Guide) to the Amazon Rain Forest.

Cell: 412- 848 5879. Email : leofromrio1@yahoo.com

Thank You and Happy Adventures .

Leo From Rio